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Couple on a Beach

Couples Therapy

A loving and secure attachment with your partner can be a source of profound connection and security. It can provide safety in vulnerability and aids in nervous system regulation. 

We enter into relationships with our own bags full of experiences, beliefs, needs and desires. It can be hard to sort through the bags if we don't know how to open them, how to talk about them, or how to move past them. Building a healthy relationship may require compromise, difficult conversations, and vulnerability. 

At Better Life Therapy, couples are provided a neutral space to explore their challenges, engage in difficult conversations, and learn more about how each other. Emotionally-Focused Therapy (EFT) focuses on identifying the dance couples engage in.  EFT helps couples to identify and understand their underlying emotions and attachment needs, which can improve communication and foster a deeper connection. Through EFT, couples can learn to express their needs and emotions in a more constructive way and develop new patterns of interaction that promote intimacy and understanding. 

($150 / 75 minutes)
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