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I'm Ali


Registered Social Worker and Psychotherapist and the visionary behind Blossom and Bloom and Better Life Therapy. With a heart for holistic well-being, I strive to create a nurturing space for individuals to flourish mentally and emotionally. Join me on the path to a better, more fulfilling life."

I am a Registered Social Worker, Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying), and the proud owner of Better Life Therapy. Beyond my professional roles, I embrace various important identities such as being a loving daughter, caring sister, loyal friend, devoted wife, and, above all, a proud dog mom to Len.


Therapy entered my life during a period when I was confronted with the harsh realities that arise when we neglect to address our personal challenges. Acknowledging my own contribution to the issues was not an easy task, but I realized that in order to improve my life, I needed to make some meaningful changes. Embarking on therapy was an anxiety-inducing experience, as I was uncertain about what to expect, what to share, and how it would truly help. However, knowing I couldn't go back to the alternative motivated me to consistently challenge myself to engage willingly, vulnerably, and courageously. Little did I know that I would fall head over heels for the transformative power of therapy, the process of healing emotional wounds, and the pursuit of personal growth. This newfound passion and inspiration ultimately led me down the path of becoming a therapist myself.


Having personally experienced the challenging terrain of my own struggles, I deeply understand the vulnerability and anxiety that can surface when one decides to embark on a journey of healing and sharing their story. Mental health should never be stigmatized or subjected to shame. By addressing our mental well-being and understanding ourselves more fully, we empower ourselves to make decisions that align with our own best interests. In essence, we develop a personalized blueprint that guides us toward becoming the most authentic and fulfilled versions of ourselves.


My objective is to cultivate a safe, inclusive, serene, and comforting space where individuals can truly feel heard, validated, and acknowledged. Within this space, we can navigate profound wounds, celebrate achievements, and embrace every aspect of the therapeutic process. During difficult moments, I am dedicated to holding space for my clients and standing by their side, because sometimes the mere knowledge that we are not alone and that someone truly sees us can bring solace and strength.


As a therapist, my aspiration is to contribute to the destigmatization of mental health, foster a culture of self-growth, healing, and overall well-being, and guide my clients towards realizing their full potential and becoming the best versions of themselves.

my journey to become a therapist

My path to becoming a therapist wasn't a linear one—I explored different aspects of the field before finding my passion in psychotherapy. Now, as the owner of Blossom and Bloom and Better Life Therapy, I'm thrilled to welcome you on this journey to holistic well-being!


8 Qs Cosmo-Style

 1. If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life it would be:

I'm a sucker for pasta 

5. My go to outfit at home is:

a.    Lululemons + a Tank Top
b.    Oversized Sweatpants + Sweater
c.    Jeans + a Cute Top
d.    Canadian Tuxedo

2. Most likely to binge watch:

a.    Survivor
b.    The Bachelor 
c.    Pretty Little Liars 
d.    Friends

6. Someday I hope to:

start a charity

 3. The best title I have is:

a.    Wife
b.    Therapist 
c.    Daughter 
d.    Other: 
dog mom
a.    Tea
b.    Juice 
c.    Latté w. Oat Milk 
d.    All The Above

4. My choice of drink is:

7. If I wasn't a therapist I would want to:

live in the mountains and own a small coffee and pastry shop

 8. Some of my fears are:

a.    Heights
b.    Bugs 
c.    The Ocean 
d.    All The Above
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