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be kind to yourself

h a p p y s e p t e m b e r !!

as we get back into the busy time of the year, prioritizing yourself will be necessary in managing your mental health! i speak in many of my sessions about the importance of self-care and being kind to ourselves! below are some ways to prioritize yourself this fall and winter!

  1. the first thing I often talk to my clients about surrounding self-care is reflecting on their schedule (whether daily or weekly) and assess on where they can add in self-care moments. this can look like a weekly trip to Starbucks over Tim Hortons, completing a weekly face mask, going for a massage, or enjoying you time and disconnecting from technology for an evening. think about activities, things or people that improve your mood and over well-being and think about you can add them into your routine.

  2. think about whether there is anything in your life currently that you would be better without. what a great time to assess unneeded stressors and cut ties as needed. when we think about self-care we can often focus on the materialistic aspects of it, when setting boundaries and reducing external stressors is also self-care.

  3. get a journal, notes app or word document and you can use these too, write down goals or affirmations, reflect on your day, engage in gratitude writing or use to process difficult moments.

  4. develop a routine! routines support stability, safety, and maintaining our mental health. mind you, I'm not saying you need to be scheduled by the hour but keeping yourself within a routine has benefits. the first thing to focus on is your sleep hygiene, going to bed and waking up around the same time every day is crucial in emotional regulation and maintaining overall well-being. following and equally as important includes our nutrition and exercise routine. again, we don't need to be strict or restrictive but ensuring we are eating healthy foods regularly and engaging in some physical activity every day!

  5. turn your phone off! we spend far too long on social media and/or news apps. constantly processing information on such a broad scale has the ability to influence our mental health, self-esteem and overall view of the world. taking some time to disconnect and engage in the present moment will be necessary!

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