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ASK A PRO | Electrician

Professional Title:


Can you share your career journey and how you arrived at your current position? Please include education, volunteering, work experience, etc.

I became an electrician as a second career. Becoming an electrician requires working approximately 5 years as a paid apprentice. During those 5 years I was also required to complete 3 terms at college. Upon finishing an apprenticeship you are required to write a final certification of qualification exam with the ministry to become a licensed electrician.

What motivated or inspired you to pursue this field?

I have always enjoyed working with my hands and on my feet so a trade seemed a natural fit. There are a ton of different career options for electricians and that intrigued me. Having paid training was also a huge benefit.

Were there specific challenges or obstacles you faced in your career, and how did you overcome them?

Learning a whole new set of skills in a busy hectic workplace was a challenge. Simply learning the language of construction took probably 6 months. Long working hours can be challenging and yet also rewarding.

What aspects of your job do you find most rewarding?

Seeing the finished product is most rewarding.

What aspects of the job do you find challenging or less enjoyable?

Problem solving difficult tasks and effectively communicating with the other trades is often most challenging.

What advice do you have for someone starting in this field?

Work hard, ask questions, watch what others experienced workers are doing and you will pick up the skills needed.

Are there specific skills or qualities you believe are crucial for success in your profession?

Motivation to succeed and learn. Willingness to learn math is crucial.

How do you stay current in your field, or do you engage in ongoing professional development?

The construction industry requires constant retraining of certain skills. Each new project brings new technology and it’s our job to research and work with our team to stay up to date.

If you could go back and give advice to your younger self, what would it be?

Try a variety of jobs early in life, find what you enjoy and something that suits your skill set.

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